Sponsor a Child Program

We have started our Sponsorship Program again!  If you have a burden to help those less fortunate through a monthly or yearly sponsorship of a child, please use the information below to begin your sponsorship.  The fees are 960 Baht/ month or 11,520 Baht/ year.

At this time, we can only accept direct deposits into the accounts listed below.  Please select your child from the list of Children in the PDF below, and then send an email with your giving receipt and child's name to Kongkit at childrennewvision@gmail.com.


Option 1
Money Transfer to New Vision for Life Foundation’s bank account. Below is the bank information.

Account name: New Vision for Life Foundation
Bank name: Bangkok Bank
Account number: 598-022086-6

After the transfer is complete. Please email a copy of your transfer receipt to Lawan Nimitkittikul at childrennewvision@gmail.com

Option 2
This is a Atomated Clearing House ( US  ACH ) account for recieve money from goverment or private sector in United State America this account is direct deposit.

Account name: New Vision for Life Foundation

Bank name: Bangkok Bank
Account number: 598-023546-8
Routing Number: 026008691

After the transfer is complete. Please email a copy of your transfer receipt to Lawan Nimitkittikul at childrennewvision@gmail.com



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    We want to thank each of our current sponsors! Thank you for making the commitment to care and provide for our children. May God bless each of you! Anthony and Regina ...

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    In the attachments below are brief profiles of every child in the foundation. Get to know them and sponsor them!
#1 โดย: Clementine Pontié [IP: 82.228.11.xxx]
เมื่อ: 2016-04-20 14:26:57

we are a french familly with a young girl who's 7. We would like sponsoring two children who's name are Manao and Malone. We hope that the money'll improve education and life for Manao and Malone. Our mail is benoit.pontie@free.fr


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