Construction and facility development

Every year, the home needs to do additional construction for the buildings to improve the quality and efficiency of child care; for example, creating small children's bedrooms, laundry building, caretaker’s room, first aid room, kitchen, second branch, improving landscape Including building a fence at the first branch and front sign of both branches.


The general budget for the development is approximately THB 1,500,000 /per year.


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    Our aim is to build people to build the nation. Therefore, the development of such a goal is not only to provide shelter, food, or education system, but to develop on the basis of...

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    The house needs to repair machinery and equipment that have deteriorated, including vehicle inspection, changing media devices, electronic and office equipment. These costs were...

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    Sometimes, the house needs to spend money in an emergency matter, such as medical expenses for children who get serious illness and cannot receive free treatment because they canno...
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