Child Development Activities


Our aim is to build people to build the nation.

Therefore, the development of such a goal is not only to provide shelter, food, or education system, but to develop on the basis of happiness to achieve behavior change as expected. It is developed by the use of media based on circumstances.  These activities need budget to support THB 2,000 per person per year, 200 children spent a total of THB 400,000 per year.

Despite the success of the event in the past, the development activities for these children still needs funding and support regularly because it's something to fall steadily.

Development activities include both field trip and in house activities.  You can view some past events from the ' Events ' on the top bar, or click the link below to view the activities directly.

If you would like to be a part to support the development of children and youth for the country,

please visit our donating website where you can make donations and track them.



Past Activities : 

12th Youth Development Activities

Celebrate Children's Day

Activities with King Mongkut University’s students

Sports Day (include children from two houses together)

Father's Day

Youth Development Camp, Chiang Rai

Pan Fun Camp to Children's Home No. 3


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