Welcome all honors to the website. New Vision for Life Foundation Which has a work for the hill tribe children for education and the Christian School for the New Vision for Life Is a routine work of the Foundation At Wiang Pa Pao District Chiang Rai

       You will be informed of history from the past to the present and future visions, including videos and images of various activities.

       Every mission of the foundation needs Support from you both short-term, long-term, continuously and continuously. We have carried out the aid mission for more than 25 years. There are many underprivileged people who are helping and able to live happily in society and send happiness to others in the society.

       Since we are a non-profit NGO, we need support to be able to carry out this mission.

       We invite you to be a part of creating society and providing opportunities for the underprivileged and to create people, create nations, create the future. Through donations to support the work of the Foundation Institution And the School of Welfare Education

        When you need to support any mission Please choose the item you wish to support and fill out the form on the left. Or contact via email, phone in the contact us section above

        Thank you to everyone who inspires and helps each other to create people, create nations, create the future, create Thai society and world society to have peace.

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