Welcome to our website of The New Vision for Life Foundation. We are located in Mae Ka Chan, Chiang Rai District, Thailand.  We have over 200 children and 25 staff, and have been carrying out this mission for over 25 years now.  Many children's lives have been successfully impacted to become effective in society and have a good future.

      In this website, you will be able to learn about our foundation's background and vision, as well as see videos and pictures of the many activities that the foundation does.

     The foster home needs both short-term and long-term support from you in order to continue the housing that we have had for so many years.  Through your help, we are able to help those less fortunate to live their lives joyfully and comfortably and to be able to pass on their joy to others in society.

      We gladly invite you to be a part of providing opportunities for these disadvantaged children and helping them to shape the future of the nation by donating to support the foster home's mission.

       If you're interested in supporting us, please complete the "Contact Form" on the left, or you can contact us via email or the phone number provided in "Contact us" section. Thank you! By The Zion Church Connection(New Vision for Life Foundation)

Please watch Mae Lawan in Kon Kon Kon (People Search People) TV program, broadcasted on June 29, 2013, 2 pm. 


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