The Projects

In order to give the children the best living condition posible we are currently developing many projects.

Here you will find some of the most important ongoing projects.

As you may know the foundation runs only thanks to your donations this is why we request your help for the funding of these projects.

  • nature-1283976_1280.jpg
    Bamboo Planting Project is a project that we want to help poor farmers by giving them a land, teach them to grow bamboo, give them the wage, create a market for them to sell their ...

  • หอพักนักเรียน.jpg
    New Christian School Dorm Building Project Our New NVFL Christian School! The New Vision for Life Foundation has built a new Christian School in the heart of Northern Thailand. We ...

  • DSC02263.JPG
    Our aim is to build people to build the nation. Therefore, the development of such a goal is not only to provide shelter, food, or education system, but to develop on the basis o...
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