Children's personal effects

Basic expense for children

Each month, one child needs soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and detergents.

Deodorant (for older children)

Powder, powdered milk, baby diapers (for younger children)

On average, the expense is around THB300/child/month

(Part of this expense is in individual child sponsorship program)

Total expense 200 children x THB300 = THB 60,000 /month



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    Children’s food expense has been operating with the highest priority. Each day, the foster house spends THB60/child/day (3 meals) for food. Total expense based on number of child...

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    Every month the foundation has to cover all expenses asthe following, Water Electricity Telephone Internet Website We have to pay THB 60,000/per each month.

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    The foundation has expense on transportation that needs for driving children between the homes and their schoolas well asfor coordination withindividuals,organizations, governments...
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