The Home for Hill Tribe Children Education project is operated by the New Vision for Life foundation. The foundation is registered as a non-profit organization in Thailand. 

Our foundation aims to support disadvantaged children to meet their basic needs, receive love, and develop their self-esteem. We want them to become a new generation of quality people to help influence the nation.
Currently, our home is taking care of 200 boys and girls from kindergarten level to university level. Altogether, we have 10 volunteer staff and 15 full-time teachers that work together to take care of them.
Our Children have one or more of the following challenges  
  1. They are orphaned.
  2. Their parents are separated and have no guardian.
  3. They come from a poor family that can't care for them sufficiently.
  4. They are abandoned with virtually no background information.
  5. Their remote village does not have an accessible school.
Our School
We also have a Christian Grade School for our children located on our property.  This began operating in 2018, and around 180 of our children attend there daily.  The rest of the children attend other schools around the area.


Our Director
  • Ms. Lawan Nimitkittikul


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