Option 1 (Credit Card)

Please donate through


Option 2 (Bank Transfer)

We have a Bank account in New York linked to our Thai bank via

Automated Clearing House ( US  ACH )

Transfer To
Account Number : 598-023546-8

Account Name : New Vision for Life Foundation
Bank Name : Bankok Bank
Routing Number: 026008691



 Option 3 (using

Transfer through "", please follow the link

Email address of the recipient:
Recipient name : Lawan Nimitkittikoon


Option 4 (Thailand Bank Transfer)

Below is the bank information.  

Account name: New Vision for Life Foundation
Bank name: Kasikorn Banking
Account number: 076-8-70506-2


Option 5 (Thailand QR Code)

Donate via QR Code by scanning the QR Code below for donations to schools. You will receive a license. From the system immediately And be able to double the annual tax deduction. 

This option only available via Thai Bank mobile applications.




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