Children’s food expense has been operating with the highest priority.

Each day, the foster house spends THB60/child/day (3 meals) for food.

Total expense based on number of children will be;

Daily expense THB 6,600/day.

(200 children x THB 60)

Monthly expense THB 360,000/month.

yearly expense THB 4,320,000/year.


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    Basic expense for children Each month, one child needs soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and detergents. Deodorant (for older children) Powder, powdered milk, baby diapers (for younger...

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    Every month the foundation has to cover all expenses asthe following, Water Electricity Telephone Internet Website We have to pay THB 60,000/per each month.

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    The foundation has expense on transportation that needs for driving children between the homes and their schoolas well asfor coordination withindividuals,organizations, governments...
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