New Christian School Dorm Building Project

Our New NVFL Christian School!

The New Vision for Life Foundation has built a new Christian School in the heart of Northern Thailand.  We are so grateful to have the main school building completed due to the incredible giving of so many of you!  We are also thankful for the approval of the Thai Government and their promise of full funding of staff, food, and many other things concerning the school! In spring 2019 we could inaugurate a new dormitory for 180 children. God had provided some sponsors for that dormitory.

There are many more children who are living as orphans along the border of Thailand to Myanmar and Laos. These children have no government help because they belong to the hilltribes in these regions and these hilltribes are not supported through the Thai government, they have no nationality. These orphaned children are subject to human trafficking to be sold around the world because most of the parents are involved in drug addiction, they left the children or are not existing anymore. They are brought to us and we need urgently more sleeping space for them. We need urgently an additional dormitory for 180 children. The cost of such a new building is about 6.3 million Baht or $ 210.000.

Now that God has given us such a beautiful school and the means to run it, we now are in need of an additional dorm facility for our many new school children that have come to stay with us.  Currently in the new dormitory we are housing 180 children. But we have a total of 310 children and so we hope that the Lord is opening ways to start building an additional dormitory as soon as possible.

As a result, we are praying to God to provide the means to build the additional dorm, not only large enough to house them, but also to allow for further growth in the future. We believe that God has huge dreams for our children's home and school.  And we believe that He wants to reach as many children in Thailand with the Gospel through receiving a Christian education and worldview.

If God puts it on your heart to join with us in this vision and ministry, would greatly appreciate it!  

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