Projects that need funding

         New vision for life foundation seeks to develop quality people with ethics in society under the work of committees in 15 workgroups under the objectives of the foundation. Each workgroup has a project to develop a society widely through networking partners. Our moral workers desire to see their lives serving their society to the fullest.


          Even though we live with under limitations, we do not cease to think of social development. So, nothing will be able to stop us and we believe nothing is impossible. We will never fail and will never give up. As a result, many projects are happening in our foundation.  


          We invite any persons having the same vision of unlimited development to share your ideas and work together with us and to support our projects.    


         I invite you to study, provide advice and support on your knowledge, experiences, methods, staff, or finance and become part of our networks and partners in the development. The total budget of all the projects of our 15 workgroups is THB 122,217 million. Thank you for your continued support for the last 22 years.


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    We would like to develop our Nursery School to have more capability of teaching and caring. We currently have 45 children in Nursery and Pre-School.If you would like to help us wit...
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